Introducing, Blockchain FOB's Lifecycle Asset Tracker

Unleash the Power of Provenance!
  • Shared Ecosystem and Value: More complete immutable data throughout the supply chain increases the value of your investment in the application.
  • Provenance and Proximity: Two distinct benefits from the same data.
  • Value Realization: Provides visibility, definition, and validation of each stakeholder's contribution to the blockchain.

Manufacturers have long needed the ability to track products throughout their entire lifecycleLifecycle Asset Tracker by Blockchain FOB is a digitalized blockchain-enabled asset tracking system that provides manufacturers and other subscribers with complete provenance of all equipment including location, ownership, warranties, service agreements, service history, and status. 

Thus, allowing for a more concise system of managing assets used in the restaurant business. 


Currently, asset data is maintained in disparate systems within each individual restaurant or restaurant chain.  Equipment is often exchanged between locations or serviced without proper records.  This system will track the life cycle of each piece of equipment from the time and place of manufacture to the point where it is installed, serviced, moved, sold or removed from service.

Leveraging the power of smart contracts, LAT is tailor-made for the restaurant industry, but the technology can be customized to fit any industry vertical.  We are seasoned technology specialists that can build and support highly customized solutions.

Additionally, LAT data mines information from the blockchain to produce best in class business intelligence that can be found nowhere else in the industry.

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